For World Photography Day, 5 Haiku and a Reflection

We call them captures.
These images become like
Us. Stockholm syndrome.

I kidnap babies,
It’s true, dimples, smiles, and curls
In ones and zeroes.

When photographing
Mosaics, my pixels smile
In recognition.

Black, with a grip, I
walk the hoods with it, shoot from
the hip. Art gangster.

Photographer writes
haiku; because one thousand
words are such a blab.


It might seem a bit counter-intuitive to present haiku on World Photography Day, but since I present photos on many other days, perhaps it is entirely appropriate. Plus, photography is a subject which well deserves discussion as well as merely viewing the photos themselves, though the the results may may be a little like dissecting comedy, i.e. it usually kills the patient. Seriously, though, in this great age of photography–though some may blanch at descriptions of the ubiquitous proliferation of digital cameras as such–it is important to think about the act of taking and manipulating photographs itself and what it says about ourselves, especially as we take photos in such great numbers. The first haiku is brand new; the remainder have appeared on the blog over the years. If nothing else, these will show show you that I have a complex, sometimes even ambivalent relationship with my camera and images.


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