Glorious Ruins – The Story of a Church, an Image, and a Song – Bethlehem Lutheran – St. Louis, Missouri

Glorious Ruins by Larry Byars and Nicci Womacks from Pied Beauty Photography on Vimeo.

If you follow this blog you may be aware that on occasions I have collected some of the images and put on an exhibition. From these exhibitions, occasionally a signature image will emerge which several people will want to purchase. The characteristic that these images share is that they  each evoke a strong emotional response from people. The image of the crumbled Bethlehem Lutheran Church which was being carted away brick by brick was the latest image that met with such a response.

Last Christmas, a customer bought it as a Christmas gift for a friend. Then she was so moved by the image herself that her husband was compelled to contact me secretly to have a bigger image of it printed and framed for her. Being a part of the secrecy and surprise of that story was a joy in and of itself. Then a little while later the story got even better as the husband told me that he was writing a song based on the image. How wondrous strange!

Several weeks ago, when Larry Byars sent me the audio for the track which he wrote with Nicci Womacks, I collected some images and produced the video above. It was all accomplished relatively hurriedly on my iPhone so it is not the most dynamic video you will ever watch, but combined with the lovely melody and lyrics of the song, I think it is pretty effective. A friend did ask why I chose to use other ruin pictures during the bridge, given my repeated expressions of my reluctance to take and glorify pictures of ruins which is detailed here. In truth, the answer is simply because I did not have enough images of the church to sustain an interesting video. Even so, I hope that you may enjoy watching the video. I recommend watching it full screen and clicking on HD to get the best effect.

Also, if you are further interested in the story of this church here are several links:


One thought on “Glorious Ruins – The Story of a Church, an Image, and a Song – Bethlehem Lutheran – St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Neil, your photography, Glorious Ruins title, shared story, lyrics, and video are deeply appreciated. I find the total package to be very effective in terms of evoking an emotional experience. Thank you, once again, for sharing your talent and a slice of your life with us. What a gift for Mr. Byars and his wife, too. Smile.


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