The Firefly Hunters – An Image from a Failed Shoot – Forest Park, St. Louis

This evening I went out seeking a prairie/wetland area in Forest Park where a friend told me there were many fireflies. True to his word, the area was teeming with their twinkling, many of them appearing to be in sync. I tried to take some long exposures, but even with my 6D the noise in the images in near darkness was simply too much to produce many usable images. I am going to have to work on my technique.

I waited for some bicycles with lights to pass but did not manage to get a great shot. Then I saw the lights of a group that had lit jars, presumably to store caught fireflies. I pointed my camera at them and hoped for the best. The image is noisy, but after some working over, it shows the group as they waited for a while before heading down the path. It has a painting-like look that I rather like. You may wish to view the image in a new tab/window to see a larger version.

the firefly hunters-1 copy small


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