Mist on the River Des Peres – St. Louis, Missouri

My title to this blog post makes this river sound rather romantic. In truth, it is perhaps anything but. This river meanders from St. Louis County, under Forest Park, and then down to South St. Louis and the Mississippi. In fact, this is the very place that it comes out from underneath the ground after traversing Forest Park. Yesterday in the rain it was steaming, perhaps because it may have been mixed with some sewage. Here is one story with lots of pictures and here is another describing its negative environmental impact. The second image is of some apt graffiti for a rainy day.

“The thing about hearts” – Senryu / Haiku

The thing about hearts
On sleeves, beating wildly, they
Can be such a mess.

No, this is not a pre-Valentine’s Day senryu/haiku but rather a bit of processing about applying for a job that I learned this week that I did not get. It was in a Northern clime, at a Christian college, and presented some cool opportunities to reflect on art and culture in my free time, all things that made me excited. Of course I would have had to leave St. Louis, which was going to be a tough thing. I realize, though, that in the application process and especially in my phone interview I did engage my heart pretty hard on this, which is good even given the outcome. So, I have been a bit glum, but it is time to press on.