“unshrouded from snow” -Haiku after Lewis

unshrouded from snow
leaves dimly glow to soon fall
lazarus autumn

The conceit for this haiku–if haiku are substantive enough to have a conceit–came from C. S. Lewis’s poem “From Stephen to Lazarus.” I thought of it while driving around yesterday and today and seeing Autumn colors again, albeit rather dim and dingy ones, after last week’s heavy snow had melted away.

From Stephen to Lazarus

But was I the first martyr, who
Gave up no more than life, while you,
Already free among the dead,
Your rags stripped off, your fetters shed,
Surrendered what all other men
Irrevocably keep, and when
Your battered ship at anchor lay
Seemingly safe in the dark bay
No ripple stirs, obediently
Put out a second time to sea
Well knowing that your death (in vain
Died once) must all be died again?