April 20th, 2010
The Dassler Effect is, in a word, chiaroscuro; dark and light-not yin and yang, but fall and restoration, brokenness and beauty, longing and fulfillment, groaning and revelation-a little now, much, much more later.

If these words resonate with you, stay a while.

September 16th, 2008
Hello, this is the third incarnation, if a blog can be incarnated, of The Dassler Effect. Here is the incarnation preceeding this one, which has a significant archive.

The Dassler Effect consists of photo posts and wide ranging reflections on topics ranging from media to aesthetics to relationships to theology, often with a fair dose of playfulness. If that is your sort of thing, come along for the ride.

The author of The Dassler Effect is Neil E. Das a reference librarian and amateur writer, photographer, and cook who lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey for your next two Photo contests you could keep the seasonal theme and entitle them “Sights of Summer” (Due last week of August) and “Flavors of Fall” (Week following Halloween)



  2. Hi Neil — I would like to post something about Melanie Blunk Dolan on my blog as I bought a piece of her work and would like to showcase it. Would it be okay with you if I use the Artist Statement and picture from your blog?
    Gorgeous pictures!


  3. My dear fellow blogger, I have nominated you, in very good company if I do say so myself, for a Versatile Blogger Award. Now, I know perfectly well that some of you have previously been recognized with this particular honor, and I will not require you to follow the acceptance “rules” to the letter; frankly, on this my third receipt of this very welcome recognition it has taken me a couple of long days just to respond properly, whereas I don’t struggle quite so much to write a fresh post a day under normal circumstances.

    What I would like to suggest to each of you in response to this is that instead of doing the usual, you make a post one day soon that tells us what fed your drive to express yourself in a blog and your personal flexibility and versatility. Was it in your training to try to diversify and strengthen and deepen your skills and interests, were you born curious, or was it serendipitous? Is your family or educational background particularly creative, or were you the unique artistic one in the bunch? I’m interested in our sharing what shapes us as creative beings, and I think this VBA recognition is an appropriate time to take a breath and consider it.

    With my deep admiration!

    The Bard on the Hill
    Not Quite Old
    The Dassler Effect
    Kreativ Kenyerek
    Sweet Caroline’s Cooking
    The Seven Hills Collection
    Patridew’s Perfect World
    Aspire. Motivate. Succeed.
    Nine Lives Studio
    Daily Nibbles
    The Valentine 4: Living Each Day
    A Cup of Tea with this Crazy Nia

    And here’s the link to your award conferral!


  4. And you have yet another nomination, from me this time, for the Versatile Blogger Award! You are a popular guy and so very talented! Since you have had the rules before, I am sure that you don’t need them again!


  5. Hey Neil,

    Thanks again for letting me use your photo as a header in my website. I’m excited to inform you that we just launched and you can see your photo in http://www.momentmatters.com!

    The headers in the website comes in random so you might want to visit a few pages in the website to see yours.

    All the best,
    Justin G. Bautista


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