Late to Christmas – A Card and Tree

I received the card pictured below a few days before Christmas and was taken by its glittering beauty. I placed it on a radiator cover in my house in order to simply photograph it, only to discover that the black marble top created a lovely reflection as well, making it even more magical. And, so, I decided to create this late Christmas card for you all by adding a verse from the carol “There’s a Song in the Air.” I hope that you may enjoy it and have a blessed Christmas season.

chrismas card 2014 small

Tonight, coming home from a sweet time at my brother’s house, I was determined to put up my tree. Yes, I know, I put up my tree on Christmas night. Alas, I had forgotten that I had repurposed all the lights earlier this year to decorate the front porch for a party, so it will have to wait until the day after Christmas to be truly decked properly, but just getting the tree up was a bit of a victory, whilst watching Elf with a few of the housemates. Though its stay could have been longer, it will stay up until at least Epiphany and perhaps serve to brighten a New Years Eve party!

St. Liborious Catholic Church Panorama – St. Libory, Illinois – Lomo Effect

Click on the image below once for a larger image, twice for a larger one still. This is a stitched together panorama. I am sorry that I did not have a wider lens as I would like to have gotten the entire cemetery, and I as too lazy to make a second, lower pass. Still, the image is pretty decent, I think.

saint libory catholic church with graveyard-1 small

“You have been king of my glory; Won’t you be my prince of peace” – Old Bethlehem Lutheran – Old North St. Louis

I post another set of ruin photos and once again attendant upon this act are the feelings and the questions of what is it inside me that make such photos appealing. Are the images cautionary? Or are they mirrors–a feeling of diminished glory in own life which is reflected so well here in this crumbling church. Whatever the case may be in my own reflections on these images, I should note that a church is fundamentally more than the building in which it is housed. Perhaps the building which a church indwells says something about that church or about its past or the things it values or how it views God, and yet a church is not its building. A church may wither first and then its building after it or a church may go on strong and its building be left behind like the molted shell of an insect. That is the case with this church, as I have it on good authority that this church continues to thrive in its school building next door. But, oh, what a glorious shell it left behind, now being taken apart brick by brick to be used elsewhere, perhaps in many new buildings. Now there is a metaphor that might be worth exploring! The title of this post comes from this lovely song by Rich Mullins with which I resonate a great deal.

bethelem lutheran old north-1 small

bethelehem lutheran-5 small

bethelehem lutheran-4 small

bethelehem lutheran-1 small

bethelehem lutheran-2 small

bethelehem lutheran-3 small