“in the produce aisle” – Haiku

in the produce aisle,
Paradise fleetingly found;
scent of cantaloupes

-with apologies to John Milton 🙂


Shop Like a Chef – Some Extra Images – St. Louis Neighborhood Food Shopping Guide by Clara Moore and Matt Sorrell

shop like a chef

I had the privilege of having some photographs published in this exciting new publication about shopping like a chef in St. Louis. It is written by Chef Clara Moore and food writer Matt Sorrell. You can learn more about it here http://shoplikeachef.com/ Here are some extra pictures from the shoot in gallery form or larger versions below. Enjoy!

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yes university city-3

yes tower grove-6

yes the hill-13

yes cherokee street-11

yes cherokee street-9

university city-9

tower grove-7

the hill-16

the hill-7

the hill-5

south grand-13

south grand-2

old north-2



cherokee street-6

cherokee street-4

central west end-6