“The thing about hearts” – Senryu / Haiku

The thing about hearts
On sleeves, beating wildly, they
Can be such a mess.

No, this is not a pre-Valentine’s Day senryu/haiku but rather a bit of processing about applying for a job that I learned this week that I did not get. It was in a Northern clime, at a Christian college, and presented some cool opportunities to reflect on art and culture in my free time, all things that made me excited. Of course I would have had to leave St. Louis, which was going to be a tough thing. I realize, though, that in the application process and especially in my phone interview I did engage my heart pretty hard on this, which is good even given the outcome. So, I have been a bit glum, but it is time to press on.

“silent, in the dark” – Senryu / Haiku

silent, in the dark
twenty bodies breathe. in. out.
armed intruder drill

I do confess there was a little phone watching that was not strictly kosher in such things, but the silence was impressive, because it is so rare.

“free as a firework” July 4th Haiku

free as a firework,
lonesome as a country song;
independence day
No, I haven’t been listening to any Katy Perry today, but did listen to a lot of George Strait 🙂

“tags on vintage walls” – Chiastic Haiku Pair with Ambivalent Thoughts on Graffiti

tattooing old skin
architectural ink
tags on vintage walls

tags on vintage walls
adorned or marred? i’m forced
to see to answer

While driving up St. Louis’ Grand Boulevard today I noticed some graffiti, which was not particularly well done, but then noticed what a lovely old brick warehouse it was on, which I might never have paid heed to at all. Other graffiti is a work of art and the building or wall it is on is bettered by it. I have conflicting, intensely subjective judgments on each piece of graffiti I see.