Best Autumn Winter Haiku Pair

Grand Prize Winner: Jeremy Huggins

Empty nest, bald tree,
thrift store answering machine–
always one missing.

Lone red leaf, lying,
rejects the earth’s equation:
buried equals dead.

2nd Place: Colin Mollenkof

The day has arrived
Lone petal deserts its bud
Dancing in the wind

single floating flake
glides smoothly just like others
one drop in the storm

3rd Place: Heidi H.

Cider spice warms hand,
Throat and heart, huddled on hay,
‘Neath stark, starry skies.

Road salt, dirty white;
Tires on frozen pavement etch
A path- come again.

4th Place: Will St. Pierre

Luminescent fire,
Rain towards divested earth.
Leave the trees vacant.

Drift, unrelenting
winds carry through barren skies.
Flake, one of millions.

5th Place: Charlie H.

Embers die above
Shedding leaf shadow below
Bare trees await snow

Among snowflakes, birds
Ornament cold, stark limbs as
Feathered winter leaves

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