Some Considerations for Reading

Well, we have a very good showing for this haiku contest, which will shortly be on its way to the judges for a November 6th results day. If you are a contestant and I have in anyway messed up your haiku (punctuation, capitalization, spelling, etc) or not included your submission, please let me know ASAP.

Haiku are very short, can sometimes be quickly written and more quickly read, and I fear sometimes they get consigned to the juvenile or light verse side of things. I do appreciate their accessibility in that way, but also want to stress that good haiku can evoke some pretty powerful thoughts and images with a very few words. I hope you may find that true of many haiku in this collection.

You may choose to read these however you may wish to, but I would recommend at the very least not rushing through and reading them all at one sitting. Read them slowly and read them again, and again if need be, thinking through different ways the words might be voiced, or read them once and let that first impression wash over and sink into you. However you do it, take time with the poem. Hopefully the little visual blocks between the poems will sort of work as a rest, a Selah, or even a sort of mental palate cleanser. On that note, enjoy!

And, if you like a poem and want to say something about it, please use the numbering system and the comment fields and let us know what you think.

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