“Camouflage” by Anonymous

camouflage small



Tim Garrett

Great title, I like the lighting. It seems the camera (auto-focused?) is trained on the hind leg – it and the shag carpet are in focus, but the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the cat’s face, which is out-of-focus. Looks like you got some motion-blur on the front paw, which would have been fine, but it along with the face makes it feel like the main content is out of range. (you might already know this – but if not, there is a way to get point and shoot cameras to selectively focus on things not in the center of viewfinder)

Edward Crim

a photo of a cat – someone needs a friend

Barry Sherbeck

Great title, good composition, exposure, focus, and concept of fur-on-fur. This cat looks happy. Sharp focus and detail.

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