“Hair is for Playing With” by Jon Parkin

hair is for playing with small

Jon Parkin, Edwardsville, Illinois


Tim Garrett

In a lighting situation like this, my guess is your camera was telling you to use a flash and you had to explicitly choose to override? I much prefer your approach – existing light for internal-room low-light situations. Makes for a much warmer and natural feeling shot. However, the downside is you have to be very careful with focus – the photo will show the SLIGHTEST bit of movement which can come from the subject or slight movements of camera when you release shutter. Tripod could have helped a bit. The graininess is the other downside, but I think it actually works for this photo.

Edward Crim

OK photo, bad color.

Barry Sherbeck

Cute photo for the family archives, with nice catchlights in the child’s eyes and a cute expression. Color balance could be adjusted; and think about ways to soften the light such as moving near a large window during the day, to get plenty of light on these faces. Experiment with simple backgrounds.

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