“Jammin'” by Gracie Das

jammin small

Gracie Das, Godfrey, Illinois


Tim Garrett

I applaud the oblique angle of the camera – it is all too easy to take photos at right angles. I think the background distracts from the subject of the photo. The frame above subject’s head and the desk (piano?) with stuff on the side just distract me. The Tigger portrait is kind of interesting (and gives a different spin on the “Best Friend” theme) but my guess is that you didn’t really mean it to be there, which is a case in point as to why you want to get rid of (either by removing, choosing different background, or blurring the bg with selective focus) the background – your viewer might spend time analyzing it when you really want them to be looking at/thinking about something else. Also photo seems a little blurred.

Edward Crim

Funny, but not cropped well.

Barry Sherbeck

Nice expression, capture, and interesting angle. The piano even lends a musical feel. Good exposure.

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