“My Japanese Girlfriend” by Virgil Das

my japanese girlfriend small

Virgil Das, San Antonio, Texas


Tim Garrett

Really stunning shot. Feels hyper-real. Great use of empty space, nice composition, etc. I think this is probably the most personal of all the responses, which is funny, b/c you are one of the few that didn’t focus on a living organism. To put it another way, I think many of the respondents took photos or selected photos that resembled or depicted friendship or their personal best friend. But it seems you (and to a lesser degree a few others) used the assignment to reveal something about yourself. Nice work.

Edward Crim

Another good idea; it needs to be bolder, though.

Barry Sherbeck

Unusual image, reflection, surprising eye. Experimenting with light sources is fun, keep it up! Interesting choice with composition and lighting, to provide so much black canvas. Camera is in focus so it’s the “subject” but what if the eye were in focus and composition gave it a little more emphasis?

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