“New Best Friends” by Travis Scott

new best friends small

Travis Scott, Auckland, New Zealand, http://www.transpacificism.blogspot.com

Tim Garrett

Of all the shots in this competition that involve a child or child and something/someone else, I think this is the most effective. And its funny, because I don’t think it is due to technique as much as it is shot selection. Nice job. Perfect framing – really tender moment. I love the fact that you can see the indentations from the ribbing on your shirt still on the baby’s back and arm.

Edward Crim

Insufficient contrast, no point of focus – but it’s a good idea.

Barry Sherbeck

Good light (shadows and highlights could both be just a little stronger – see the histogram); nice composition and capture of this tender moment, the lips and hand frame the child nicely, and the little arm draws the eye into the center.

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