“Presque Isle” by Rima Warren

presque isle small

Rima Warren, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, http://www.rimabean.com

Tim Garrett

I like the anonymity of the sitters – it makes you sort of put yourself in their shoes – makes this more of an iconic image. I also like the fact that (it looks like) you got down low to capture this image. The background seems a little un-directed. Is that where you wanted the reef to be in the photo? Were you cognizant of it while you were looking through the camera? (perhaps you were) It seem sif you had moved a little to your left, you might have afforded both figures the expansive sea on each side.

Edward Crim

Move to the left.

Barry Sherbeck

This is a nice exposure – details in the clouds but also in the foreground. I like how the color is desaturated but there’s a splash of hair color. Composition feels pretty good, though I wonder if putting the friends on the left “third” might work well. Content-wise, the overcast sky works slightly competes with a feeling of warm friendship.

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