“Sharing” by Barbara St. John

sharing small

Barbara St. John, St. Louis, Missouri


Tim Garrett

I am so distracted by all these cute kids. Nice photograph – it makes me curious about what they are so intently staring at. (ice cream on a string?) Compare the intensity of light in the foreground and the background – the background is much brighter, and I find my eye wandering there… I think you could have cropped the bg out to focus more on the kids. Also, I am intrigued by the toys in the foreground – esp. the baby doll. That might have been something to feature more prominently. Because the two kids are not in the same plane, and b/c your depth of field is so narrow, it seems the the smaller child is in focus, the older child out of focus. As a result, my eye wanders to the red-hat wearer – which I think is not what you were going for. (I assume you were wanting to focus on the relationship?)

Edward Crim

They need to be interacting with each other to qualify.

Barry Sherbeck

Fun colors, clothing, and expressions. Good exposure. Not quite as engaging as might could be with the viewer since the kids’ attention is focused off-camera.

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