“We Had More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys” by Barbara St. John

we had more fun than a barrel of monkeys small

Barbara St. John, St. Louis, Missouri


Tim Garrett

Great moment. (Love the kid in the middle – the only one who is awake – shouldering the entire lot of them). I think this is a shot that could have been improved with a more straight-on approach – less background. Also if shooter had been more on the level of the bench. Notice how the top half of the photo is (somewhat un-interesting) background. What are some ways you might have made this existing image more dramatic with a different crop? (tight shot of the 3 girls leaning on one boy, perhaps?)

Edward Crim

Who stole their feet? Why are the trees important?

Barry Sherbeck

Cute pose, nice exposure and background. Interesting balance with the 2 on the left looking in, all others “sleeping.” Could have moved (camera) just a little to the right to get separation from the closest tree; and maybe a little wider to include the feet. Fun image. Love the kid in the middle, “wha…?”

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