17 syllables : one thousand words

This exhibit will take place at the Chapel: A Sanctuary for the Arts which I have certainly found to be true, as they provide a venue to musicians and artists to display their craft, asking for nothing in return, whilst providing the fare for a nice reception! How nice is that?

Click here for the address, and here’s a map.

My show on Saturday, May 14th, will be characterized by several things including:

  • the intersection of words and images
  • really affordable art
  • the opportunity to be creative
  • good company enjoying wine and other refreshments in a really beautiful environment (come for the stained glass alone!)

Regarding the opportunity to be creative, part of the exhibit will include a “haiku construction zone” where you may respond to sundry images with haiku of your own, so warm up your fingers for counting syllables!

Regarding affordability, well take a look at the prices below. As perhaps a somewhat disappointing caveat though, you will not be able to take your prize(s) home at the end of the evening, but I will be happy to deliver in early July, or ship! Yes, most of these pieces are small enough for shipping to be an option (if covered by the buyer) 🙂

Even if you choose to buy nothing, come, schmooze, take home a lovely show card (or the entire set of four).

Just because the prices are cheap, this does not mean the quality of the materials is. The images are printed on acid free, rag paper. All the frames are solid wood. To get an idea of what they look like (and how the haiku are presented) see the image below.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank my friend Carrie Jones for the wonderful concepts for the haiku. Among many talents she makes lovely handmade items. I also want to thank the staff of the Chapel for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

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