Melanie Blunk Dolan


Title: “2 Timothy 1:7″
Media: Ink abstract
Size: Framed 27×24
Price: $365


Artist Statement

Creating ink abstracts is liberating. These abstracts released from within have given me renewed freedom and enthusiasm for life. I believe an artistic talent lies dormant in each of us; my desire is for others to experience through the color and flow of my work a sense of freedom and joy that leads to the discovery of one’s own talent.

Abstract inks are surprises–like life. Each painting is a gift with an unpredictable fusion of color. Sometimes the colors blend; sometimes a color overshadows another; and at other times one color graciously moves aside making room for a passer-by. Life, like the ink, asks me to stay in the moment accepting that I am not in control. Once I surrender, an unforeseen creation emerges.

My hope is that you will be inspired by my work. Comments are always welcome:

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