seven – Exhibit at La Mancha Coffeehouse – May 2012 – Opening on May 12th 3-6pm

Artist Statement for seven (images below)

I must tell you, I do not set out to make religious art, nor would most of the photos I take be labeled so at first glance. Some of the photos in this very exhibit would not necessarily be symbols of the spiritual if it were not for the titles that I have married to them. And, indeed, you may well be thinking to yourself that there are some shotgun weddings here!

Whether intentional or not, though, many of the pictures I take do tend to image one of my favorite verses from the Bible, “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.” This is evident in photo after photo of neglected flowers or broken buildings…broken animals…or, literally, of the lowly reeds growing on the lakeside, blowing in the wind—photos to display their glory, in humble circumstances though they are.
For this exhibit, however, I did set out with the intention to collect some my images which suggest to me symbols of spiritual realities.

I sometimes have characterized a photographer as an “art thief” because of the easy, wholesale theft of scene with the snap of a shutter, as opposed the creation of one, by a painter, for example, who layers brush stroke upon brush stroke and chooses what to reproduce in a particular manner in order to create meaning. I have happily come to terms with the fact that a photographer, too, creates, by selection, juxtaposition, omission (not just via Photo Shop), and, yes, by titling.

I hope you enjoy these photos and connect and wrestle with the spiritual metaphors I have sought to image in them.
And if you are thinking of purchasing a piece, and if it helps in the pain of purchase, know that the gross proceeds from the pieces in this exhibit are being donated towards La Mancha’s expansion project. Reprints are available.

1. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit

Size: 15×21
Price: $50
Status: Sold
(the image on its own here)

2. Upward : Ephemeral

Size: 19X20
Price: $50
Status: Sold
(the images on their own here and here)

3. Waste places of Jerusalem break forth with joy

Size: 16X33
Price: $70
Status: Sold
(images on there own here)

4. Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation

Size: 12X36
Price: $60
Status: Available
(images can be seen here)

5. Without the shedding of blood

Size: 15X15
Price: $40
Status: Sold
(image can be seen here)

6. There will come a morning with no shame

Size 15X19
Price: $40
Status: Sold
(color version of theimage can be seen here)

7. Shekinah

Size: 11X20
Price: 40
Status: Sold
(image can be seen here)

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