Rainy Day Brutalism – St. Louis Community College, Forest Park -Harry Weese – Dan Kiley

I did not bring the right lens for such a thing today, but I wanted to capture the vivid greens of the trees against the grey skies. Plus, there were puddles!

I used to have a rather dim view of the architecture here, but I have come to appreciate its lines and angles. My appreciation was heightened by reading this article by Greg Johnson on the history of the buildings. He writes, “If the campus of St. Louis Community College—Forest Park is brutalism, then it is a very subtle, warm and humane brutalism.” Indeed.

Also, in the middle of one of the shots is the top half of one of Jim Dine’s Venuses.

Finally, in his article, Johnson notes that Dan Kiley, the landscape architect, initially planned for a lake at one end of the buildings. I like to think that these reflections serve as a sort of homage!


Flying Saucer Starbucks – First Take – Midtown, Grand Boulevard, St. Louis – Autostitch

The other day as I drove by what was the old Del Taco building, I was very pleased to see that it was being renovated as a Starbucks, and very nicely to boot, with the wall painted a dark brown and the green Starbucks logo showing up very nicely against it. The photo above is one stitched together from six photos using Autostitch, the free version of which unfortunately outputs only small images (but one mustn’t look a gift horse in the mouth). Still, click on the image for a larger version.

I am definitely going revisit with camera in hand as I would like to capture this great building with the lights lit, with the dawn in the background, and/or with a dramatic sky framing it. The other side of the building is to be a Chipotle. More info here and here with a cool picture (the developer actually made some sacrifices to save this building).