Baptismal – Grace and Peace Fellowship – St. Louis, Missouri


Upon the baptism of an adopted child – Spontaneous Haiku / Senryu – Haiku Bombing

adopted. nestling
in new arms. water sealed child.
of the covenant.

-for Tesfaye

This haiku was penned in church this past February while I ran the projector for song lyrics and witnessed the baptism of a baby adopted into a family. Even though I did not really know the couple. I penned it onto a small sheet of paper, drew a little baptismal graphic, and gave it to them afterwards. I did add some full-stops to change it’s rhythm which I did not like initially.

It appeared on the blog when it was being published only on the mirror site and seeing it again today I thought I would reprint it here.

I would like to encourage more such spontaneous haiku writing actually. Maybe we could call it haiku bombing 🙂