Autumn, Then Winter Haiku Contest – 2012 – Fall, Winter Poetry

Well, it has been far to long since this blog has held a contest of any kind, so it is high time to do so. So, though most of you come here for the photography I suspect, we will begin with a haiku contest which was the first contest I ever held here.

So, if you are interested, check out the details. Pay attention to all the instructions if you would like to win!

Also, Lord willing, coming in November will be the second iteration of “A Christmas Carol: A Photography contest.” Check out the first contest here.


Spring / Summer: A Haiku Contest : 2010

At long last, The Dassler Effect is having a Spring / Summer haiku contest.

Submission deadline: April 9th, 2010
Winners announced: May 9th, 2010

Details on rules, helpful suggestions, and long-winded pontification on Spring / Summer haiku appear here!

Get your entries in! There are $100 in prizes!

A Christmas Photo Contest

bleak midwinter

In the West, sooner or later, most musicians or musical groups will get around to making a Christmas album. Sometimes it is seen as a symbol of having arrived. Even Bob Dylan has recently come in line, though he arrived a long time ago and then departed and then arrived…. Well, it is high time that the Crim-Dassler photo contests got in on the act, though it will produce an album of a different sort.

There is $175 in prize money. Check it out!

Haiku Double Down

haiku new

You may now submit up to two pairs of haiku for this year’s haiku contest, but submitting a single pair is still most acceptable, indeed, highly desirable.

Get your haiku in! There is only a week and change until the October 22nd deadline.

Plus, in other exciting news, I know have four great judges for the contest including two published poets, the inimitable winner of last year’s contest, and a friend with a love of words and good ear.

Speaking of the winner from last year, Bob is currently blogging haiku in anticipation of the contest. Check out his great haiku and other poems.