i miss that breeze off – Haiku for the past – Cedar Campus – Michigan

i miss that breeze off
huron, the expectancy
of mint. steeped sweet dreams.

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Luna Moth – Wilson Lake Inn – Wilton, Maine

If you happen to go near Wilton, Maine. I highly recommend the Wilson Lake Inn. It is located on beautiful Wilson Pond (which would be a lake in any other state). They also provide paddles for canoeing or kayaking in the the lake and a dock from which to swim. Most important of all for this tea lover, though, is that they have a little lobby with a hot water tap (super hot!) and a selection of teas and coffees and cocoas available 24 hours, which reminded me fondly of Cedar Campus, which had the same setup (including a killer spice tea). If I ever own/run a communal house or some sort of center, it will be so as well.

No guarantees that the Wilson Lake Inn will provide a luna moth on your visit, though.

My, I do love the North!