The Storks of Bevo Mill, with Contrail – St. Louis

bevo mill sepia small

I must confess that I never paid much attention to the Bevo Mill in South St. Louis until I was tasked to photograph it. It is funny how often when one takes the time to look at something, one actually sees things. I was delighted to “see” the pair of storks on the roof, placed there for luck, according to the Bevo Mill web site. First created as a dining room for August A. Busch, Sr. of Anheuser Busch fame, it later became a restaurant and now is open for limited public events and private parties.

So was it ever actually a mill? Alas, the answer is “no,” but still it is a striking building:

Complete in 1916 for the then-incredible sum of $250,000, the Bevo boasts quite a few unique architectural points of interest. The windmill is 60 feet in diameter and revolves on a 24 inch shaft extending through a marble bearing. Originally, the blades were wooden and propelled by wind. In 1954, the blades were damaged by a fierce wind, striking the tower. They were replaced by aluminum blades and are now electronically operated. The exterior of the building is finished with specially selected stones of all colors, shapes and textures, personally gathered by Mr. Busch from Grant’s Farm, and set in stucco.

From Nathan’s Balcony – St. Louis West End Cityscape – Mixtape Contest

This could almost be a summer image. Speaking of summer, you should really check out and enter Nathan’s summer mixtape contest.