Nine out of 18…

…fifty percent, is not bad at all for the number of pictures sold in my current photo show. However, I would be happy to sell some more before (or after) the show comes down next Wednesday. Many thanks to everyone who has visited the exhibit either virtually or online. Oh, and if you mention it, this discount still applies.

Still available (in most-to-absolutely-least-surprising order)
Dearest Freshness, Deep Down Things
Sunflowers for Vincent
Maple Seed Still Life
Pull Tab, 2005


Format Changes on The Dassler Effect

Hello, readers. You may have noticed that the Evoking Spring Photo Contest tab has disappeared from the header above. This is because it is now a sub page under the tab “Contests.” Past contests are also listed there. And, yes, since I have gone to the trouble to make pages and sub-pages you are right if you are assuming that there will be future contests and exhibitions. It is kind of fun.

I am not sure when the next photo contest will be, but there will be one, Lord willing. And, in the Fall, the haiku will return. And who knows what other types of contests may turn up in the meantime.

And, for those of you in or near St. Lou, I have just confirmed that I will be having my next photo show at Meshuggah Cafe in the University City Loop beginning on May 28th. And, for those of y0u not in the area, I will put up an Internet version as well.

Finally, thank you all again for your interest in these contests and exhibits.