After the Hayride – Roasting Marshmallows for Smores

…though, in truth, I ate these straight up, not bothering with the chocolate and graham crackers.


Burned Out

Well, this story happened in the parking lot of where I work, albeit not in the parking lot I use. Evidently the car on the right in the first photo below spontaneously combusted and set 4 cars on fire, with 3 totalled. These were cars of zoo employees on Memorial day. Talk about a bad day at work.

It may see rather callous and cavalier to stop and take advantage of such misfortune (though I should add I happened on the scene 4 days later). However, I knew that very likely they were some good pictures to be had. So, I obeyed one of my rules for photography, “If you have the inclination to stop and take a picture and have the time, then stop,” and got some cool shots, some of which might actually make the next incarnation of a show on “God’s Grandeur.”

burned small

burned 2 small

burned 3 small

burned 4 small

burned 5 small

burned 6 small