Housekeeping: Photo Contest Winding Down; New Haiku Contest

The Crim-Dassler “My Best Friend” photo contest is almost at its conclusion. Please visit the site, view the pictures, and vote if you have not already done so. The results come out this Thursday at midnight. So, make sure to revisit the blog then, though Friday morning will do just fine too 🙂 Pencil it in. We have a breakfast date.

Also, the annual Dassler Effect “Autumn, Then Winter” haiku contest is now officially receiving entries, on, this, the first day of Autumn. Please read the contest rules and enter. Deadline: October 23rd. Results: November 6th. $80 in prize money). So, start writing.

The My Best Friend Photo Contest is Up!

Many apologies for the long wait in getting this up. Many thanks to Ed Crim of Edward Crim Photography and Forest Park 365 for co-sponsoring this contest and providing the 1st Prize money.

Enjoy! And please vote for the Reader’s Choice Award.