Down by the Riverside- Ice Formation – Mississippi Near Alton, Illinois – Black and White Photography



Cathedral of Ice – Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

If you are a snow and winter lover as am I, the St. Louis winter this year has been a bit of a disappointment. However, we did have several very cold days this week which was long enough to make some of the ponds in the area skateable. I came upon this scene by a very lovely pond which is on the northeast corner of the park, along Lindell Boulevard. These pictures are of a large pipe which pours water into the pond to keep part of it free of ice for the ducks, only the weather had made its spray freeze creating this amazing, translucent enclosure and fantastical ice shapes.

icy cataract-1 small

icy cataract-2 small

icy cataract-3 small

icy cataract-4 small

icy cataract-5 small

icy cataract-6 small

icy cataract-7 small

icy cataract-8 small