The Fireworks Outside My Front Door – North St. Louis 4th of July


“free as a firework” July 4th Haiku

free as a firework,
lonesome as a country song;
independence day
No, I haven’t been listening to any Katy Perry today, but did listen to a lot of George Strait 🙂

Die Sonnenblume – das Haus Sunflower – West End, St. Louis

sunflower-1 small

As you may have noticed, I have been doing a little gardening at “das Haus,” the name I have given to my house to reflect my actual last name, received by way of the Dases of the Punjab, with a nod to the German ancestry on my mom’s side of the family, by way of the Bodenbachs of Southern Illinois.

This sunflower is a bit of an experiment. I have deliberately placed it on my front steps both as an act of beautification and to test the temperature of my neighborhood by seeing if it will live out its days there till the cold weather comes and not walk away. As an aside, if it did walk away I think I would be more upset at the loss of the Ikea planter rather than the plant itself, though it is lovely, is it not? I have staked it with three large bamboo stalks, both as an inducement to grow, grow, grow and to make it a little more unwieldy.

The thought of doing this experiment perhaps does a little disservice to my neighborhood and street–it is as peaceful an idyll as one could hope for in the city–but one does have to pay attention with belongings and personal safety matters. And, though I have heard gunfire only very, very occasionally, I am very happy that the pops and bangs these days are only evidence of illicit fireworks being lit for the 4th of July. As an extra blessing, the weather looks likely to be relatively cool for the 4th, which will hopefully keep the choler cool throughout the city.

No, I am very blessed and pleased to be able to live in a lovely house in the city with neighbors who occasionally leave gifts of vegetables and bread on my porch, with people who are willing to say “Hi,” and children who delight to climb in my tree–which I pray will never litigiously come back to bite me in the behind 🙂

If it does, it does. In the meantime, enjoy more shots of “die Sonnenblume!”

sunflower-2 small

sunflower-3 small

sunflower-4 small

sunflower-5 small

sunflower-6 small

sunflower-7 small

sunflower-8 small