Matt’s Lomo Effect

We live in amazing times. The difference between the pictures below is the result of applying only one effect which I downloaded from the Internet which was created for my Lightroom photoediting program. In fact, I too could come up with a series of adjustments and then export them as a “preset” and put it on the Internet and share it with other folks.

The effect that Matt has created here, very successfully I should add, is a special one, though. Matt has intimitated some of the effects one may get from using a Lomo camera. These cheap cameras, made in the former Soviet Union, were somewhat unreliable, but also could produce images with high contrast, intense color saturation, cool vignetting and accidental blurring from time to time. My friend, Jeremy Huggins, created some beautiful images with his Lomo. The only one I can find online currently, though, is his entry into my last photo contest (#7 here).

I am not sure how much I will use this effect, and I will likely tinker with it when I do, but I find lomo-style images very appealing.

meshuggah lamp

meshuggah lamp lomo