Rainy Day Brutalism – St. Louis Community College, Forest Park -Harry Weese – Dan Kiley

I did not bring the right lens for such a thing today, but I wanted to capture the vivid greens of the trees against the grey skies. Plus, there were puddles!

I used to have a rather dim view of the architecture here, but I have come to appreciate its lines and angles. My appreciation was heightened by reading this article by Greg Johnson on the history of the buildings. He writes, “If the campus of St. Louis Community College—Forest Park is brutalism, then it is a very subtle, warm and humane brutalism.” Indeed.

Also, in the middle of one of the shots is the top half of one of Jim Dine’s Venuses.

Finally, in his article, Johnson notes that Dan Kiley, the landscape architect, initially planned for a lake at one end of the buildings. I like to think that these reflections serve as a sort of homage!


A Garden in the City – CityGarden on Easter Saturday – Downtown St. louis, Missouri

This past Saturday I went down to the magnificent CityGarden to try to capture one final shot for a photo contest entry, which I did successfully and which is included amongst these 21 shots. It was a warm enough day that some children were already playing in the splash fountains. And the park staff had put out brightly colored plastic Easter eggs, which combined with the blooming trees all made more the park more colorful than it already is with its whimsical and serious statuary. In addition to these touches of a color, there was a bride and groom doing a photo shoot, there was gentleman (dare I say a hipster gentleman) who was sitting with a leather messenger bag and smoking a pipe and reading Hemingway, and there were children gleefully, picking up the eggs and opening them only to find that they had not been filled but were just there for decoration. Finally, this set of photos also includes a lot of one of my favorite things, reflections, including one shot with a double reflection.

In addition to all these elements, these photos also include glimpses of Erwin Wurm’s Big Suit, Jim Dine’s Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels, Mimmo Paladino’s Zenit, and Igor Mitoraj’s Eros Bendato, among others. If ever you are in St. Louis, you really must visit.

citygarden at easter-1 small

citygarden at easter-2 small

citygarden at easter-3 small

citygarden at easter-4 small

citygarden at easter-5 small

citygarden at easter-6 small

citygarden at easter-7 small

citygarden at easter-8 small

citygarden at easter-9 small

citygarden at easter-10 small

citygarden at easter-11 small

citygarden at easter-12 small

citygarden at easter-13 small

citygarden at easter-14 small

citygarden at easter-15 small

citygarden at easter-16 small

citygarden at easter-17 small

citygarden at easter-18 small

citygarden at easter-19 small

citygarden at easter-20 small

citygarden at easter-21 small