Not at Home – Wasp Nest in Autumn – Forest Park, St. Louis

wasp nest in autumn-1 small


Great Egret from Cover by a Lily Pad – Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

I was blessed with the presence of a great egret at the lily pad beside the Jewel Box in Forest Park. This little pond with its abundance of lily pads and lotus blossoms and tiny island with cypress trees and little wooden bridge and crooked tree is truly a delight. The visit of the egret made it even more so. These image have a green aura about them because I was shooting with a long lens from behind some bushes. I think the green blurring adds rather a nice effect. In the final image you get to see the humorous sight of what happens when this most regal of birds needs to rid itself of excess water. It shakes itself like a dog, ruffling its feathers to make a very amusing shape indeed. It is equally amazing how quickly all of the feathers settle back down to return to the regal air the bird normal presents. Also, note the presence of  an SUV in the background of one shot. I am never unconscious to the fact of what a great gift Forest Park indeed is, that  in St. Louis we can see such abundance of flora and fauna in the middle of a large city.

After the Storm – Flora Edition – Forest Park, Missouri

Last week I created a post of pictures of a bunch of animals after a storm in Forest Park. During the same soggy walk, I also took lots of pictures of the plant life of the park in a light drizzle after the storm. There are two pictures of a felled branch and the tree from whence it came.