Fighting Dasslers, R.I.P.

adidas puma

If you search the term “dassler” alone on Google, currently this blog does not show up until page 3. Primarily what you will get are sites having to do with the Dassler brothers of Germany, Adolph and Rudolph, who were the founders of Adidas and Puma, respectively.

What is most intriguing about their story, though, is that they started out together and then feuded, seemingly over politics, and went their separate ways. Not only that, though, but the entire little Bavarian town in which their companies were based took sides, to the point where people did not talk to one another and went to separate bars, etc. The capacity for human hearts to take offense and separate is amazing, though I need look no further than my own heart for evidence for that.

Now, though sadly the brothers died still feuding, the companies and the town are to be officially reconciled, as a part of Peace One Day. The day will culminate, most fittingly, with a game of soccer.