Rainy Day Brutalism – St. Louis Community College, Forest Park -Harry Weese – Dan Kiley

I did not bring the right lens for such a thing today, but I wanted to capture the vivid greens of the trees against the grey skies. Plus, there were puddles!

I used to have a rather dim view of the architecture here, but I have come to appreciate its lines and angles. My appreciation was heightened by reading this article by Greg Johnson on the history of the buildings. He writes, “If the campus of St. Louis Community College—Forest Park is brutalism, then it is a very subtle, warm and humane brutalism.” Indeed.

Also, in the middle of one of the shots is the top half of one of Jim Dine’s Venuses.

Finally, in his article, Johnson notes that Dan Kiley, the landscape architect, initially planned for a lake at one end of the buildings. I like to think that these reflections serve as a sort of homage!


The Anatomy of a Conversation – More Than Skin Deep – Modeling the Art of Listening….I Could Go On and On

Walking through the library tonight after having taught a library instruction session (which is part of what I do in my day job), I saw that these two models had been set down in interesting poses relative to one another. Even in passing by I could see that there were some close ups that might tell a story. So after work, I dug out my camera and went to work with the models just as they were positioned. I swear, I didn’t move a muscle 😉

It is amazing to me how in some shots it looks like one model is talking, and in others the second one seems to be. Based on their posture, gaze, and touch it seems like they are practicing some pretty good communication and listening skills.

Bicycle Rack – St. Louis Community College – Forest Park Campus

I took this photo over a month ago but thought I would post it today as I actually managed to ride my bike to work today. Twice. It is not super far–3.3 miles one way through the lovely Forest Park–but it is pretty good for out of shape me to begin to do this. I am not a huge taker of abstract photos, but I did rather enjoy the pattern the shadow made here and how it related to the shape of the bike rack.