With Matching Cupcakes

On Saturday, when I was taking the pictures in Union Station, I found this lovely table of cupcakes. I am not sure if the cupcakes were made to match the bridesmaids dresses or the hall (likely the former) but they matched the colors in the hall very nicely. And, they were delicious. I kid, I kid 😉

And, if these cupcakes look familiar, well they are siblings to the ones featured in this blog post about the Cupcakery, only these were made by the mothership, er, mothercake, the Cakery.

Let me go ahead and apologize in case you are hungry or have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying.

cakery union station 1

cakery union station 2

cakery union station 3


The Cupcakery: Cute as…Well, a Cupcake


Below are some photos from a brief visit to The Cupcakery in St. Louis’ Central West End. I was really delighted by the simple, yet colorful and enticing design of the place, and so went and got my camera from my car.

I don’t know whether The Cupcakery has made any national lists like this one (even though this list doesn’t even include NYC’s iconic Magnolia Bakery of Lazy Sunday fame), but I think they may be well on their way.

Here is a local story on it and its biggest competitor, Jilly’s. As an aside, maybe foodie groupies from each need to meet at a neutral location, say the fountains at Forest Park, and have a cupcake throwdown foodfight. I am sure that would be delightfully colorful, but, ah, such a waste. Perhaps a civil cupcake tea party on the nearby lawns would be more a propos.

I was really delighted by The Cupcakery, especially with the little touches, like offering customers free candles to adorn cupcakes being bought to become whimsical little birthday cakes. I am not sure about Jilly’s as I have never been there, but since I also have a friend who works works at The Cupcakery, I think I am already a partisan.

Well, without further ado…