Name That Album

From time to time I like to play around with images that might serve as band pictures or album art, particularly when my friends are cooperative, which they, very kindly, often are. This shot was taken on a trip to Chicago this past weekend when we were sitting by Lake Michigan. I began manipulating this image by using the “Direct Positive” preset in Adobe Lightroom, which creates vivid colors and high contrast, and then went from there.

I think that the style of this picture could work for either a Sigur Ros or Innocence Mission album. However, if you want to play along at home, feel free to come up with an album and/or fictional band name to accompany the image and include it in a comment.

lake michigan

Come and Drink

In Pakistan we had tube wells which poured out water like this in the countryside, except they did not have a handle and were much larger. And in that context the coolness and life giving aspects of the water were pretty evident in such a hot dry climate. Here, we might be tempted to just think of this as sketchy water from an old, rusty faucet.

And yet it was enticing enough for a several small children to break off from a large gaggle of children being led around by a woman who was obviously the mother of at least some of them and come over and play with sticks in its flow. In fact after repeated, vain calls to a small curly haired boy of about three named Gaius, the mother had to finally come over and get him. And even within myself I could feel the magic of the water as it flowed and splashed in the sunlight. And if I was just the tiniest bit thirstier I would have certainly had a long splashy, messy, satisfying drink.

Not sure which of these two shots I like better, though I am leaning toward the latter.