As the gentle rain from heaven – Jonquils / Daffodils in Snow


if tears, i hope he

if tears, i hope he
also keeps these tangled threads;
neurons wiring griefs

My outlook at this very moment is not really as bleak as my last two haiku might suggest. Thank the Lord 🙂 However, inasmuch as Wordsworth is right about poetry being, “emotion recollected in tranquility,” they do reflect strong emotion, specifically emotion over the complexity of our emotions themselves and the interactions we have with one another, especially in trying to understand one another.

Sometimes the inability to do this is a major point of spiritual doubt for me concerning the goodness of God. Why does it have to be so, so hard? On the other side of that very same coin, though, our intricate emotional and mental capacities are also a deep touchstone of belief. The one who created the complexities of the universe, including the seemingly infinite complexities of the creatures who we are (“What a piece of work is man?”), surely must understand every bit of each of us, at least that is my great hope.

Whatever else the new heavens and the new earth will be like, I am deeply looking forward to the restoration of communication. I do not know if Adam and Eve fully understood one another, perhaps that faculty always was and will be a role for God alone even in an unfallen context, but surely their communication was free of fracture if not misunderstanding.

“You number my wanderings; Put my tears into your bottle; Are they not in your book?
-Psalm 56:8

“Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy.
-Proverbs 14:10

Alright, thanks for indulging a prose interlude. Now, back to the pictures and poetry 🙂

Summer’s Lease Hath All to Short a Date III

The summer’s lease series was not created intentionally. This could be the last one or there could be more. This installment includes some photographs upon which I have used Matt’s Lomo Preset. Also, I am trying to coin a new word for such digital prints made to look like lomo prints:


How does that grab you?

cicada wing 3

cicada wing anddictionary

cicada wing

cicada wing 4

cicada wing 2 small