Evoking Spring Photo Contest, Spring 2009

Well, it is past midnight as I type this, so my promise to deliver the results by midnight is broken. However, I did have some very good reasons for the delay. After checking and double checking the scores of 8 judges with a double weighted score for head judge, Ed Crim, I had a two way tie for 1st place and for 3rd place. So, I decided to call in the services of a dear FOB (Friend of the Blog) and had them also score the top 5 for me, and finally the result was in. And, then, for the Reader’s Choice, I just finished tallying all of the 157 e-ballots…twice…because 1st and 2nd place differed by one vote.

You can proceed however you like, but if I were you, I would peruse the pictures once again, which are now labelled with the photographer’s name, location, and blog address (if they submitted one) and then check out the results at the end of the photos.

My hope for blog contests such as these is to foster and encourage creativity, so if a photo moved you or intrigued you or delighted you or whatever, consider giving a shout out to the photographer. And, if you like, give a visit to the blogs of those who chose to list them.

Ed Crim and I would like to thank all the contestants for the great response. I would also like to thank everyone who voted for the Reader’s Choice award. Finally, I would also like to thank the judges, who were very kind to view and critique 35 pictures. I greatly appreciate that effort and care.


Tony Thompkins, St. Louis, MO


A. Burke, Columbia, SC,


Sara White, Louisville, KY


Rima Warren, Pittsburgh, PA, Art By a Bean


Tala Strauss, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Alan Lamberg, St. Louis, MO, Seelenadel


Jeremy Huggins, St. Louis, MO


Eddie Jones, St. Louis, MO


Courtney Steever, St. Louis, MO, Still Have This Secret Hope…


Virgil Das, San Antonio, TX


Aaron Jones, St. Louis, MO


Grace Das, Godfrey, IL


Adrian Das, Godfrey, IL, Westminster Presbyterian Church


Carrie Jones, St. Louis, MO


Sophie Blanc, Sydney, Australia, Blancs at Large


April Mininger, St. Louis, MO, Perhaps


Chandra Mininger, Philadelphia, PA


Jenny Whitman, St. Louis, MO


Barry Sherbeck, Madison, WI


Amanda Salmond, St. Louis, MO, Yeah, Like the Fish


Vincent A. Das, San Antonio, TX


Abi Svoboda, Chicago, IL


Nathan Gemayel, St. Louis, MO, Sweet Chicken


Tanya Mark, St. Louis, MO, Raindrops on Windows


Jennifer Sodergren, St. Louis, MO


Anna Hardy, St. Louis, Mo


Susanna Jones, Columbia, MO


Katy Owens, St. Louis, MO


Barbara St. John, St. Louis, Mo, Barbara St. John


Rob MacDougall, St. Louis, MO


Nathaniel Brown, St. Louis, MO


Anne Morley, St. Louis, MO


Anna Eisenbraun, Chicago, IL


Rebecca Brady, Yorkville, IL


Cathy Reilly, St. Louis, MO


  • First Place, $100: “#19, The Secret Life of Chives,” Barry Sherbeck photographer

  • Second Place, $40 (yeah, it’s bumped up a bit): “#17, Bounce,” Chandra Mininger, photographer

  • Third Place: “#25, Weed Eater,” Jennifer Sodergren, photographer

  • Fourth Place: “#10, Exuberance,” Virgil Das, photographer

  • Fifth Place: “#9, Spring Chicken,” Courtney Steever, photographer

Reader’s Choice Top Five

  • First Place, $30: “#20, Untitled,” Amanda Salmond, photographer

  • Second Place: “#4, Spring at Geneva,” Rima Warren, photographer

  • Third Place: “#2, Untitled,” Ashleigh Burke, photographer

  • Fourth Place: “#9, Spring Chicken,” Courtney Steever, photographer

  • Fifth Place: “#22, Abandoned Kite” Abi Svoboda, photographer

Entries Submitted: 35

A Photo Contest of The Dassler Effect, Forest Park 365, and Edward Crim Photography
Theme: “Evoking Spring.” Photos needn’t be “about” any particular subject. They simply need to accomplish the theme. You decide how to do that.
Deadline: Midnight, Thursday, April 30th, 2009. All photos will be posted on The Dassler Effect on May 1st in the order submitted, without the names of the photographers.
Announcement of Winners: Friday, May 15th, 2009 on The Dassler Effect. All photos will be tagged with photographer infomation.
Judges: Judging will be done by an as-yet-to-be-determined panel of 4 or 5 judges with good eyes. Ed Crim will serve as the head judge, with a double weighted score. Judges will assign each photo a score between 1 and 10. The pictures accumulating the 4 highest point totals, respectively, win.


  • 1st: $100
  • 2nd: $20
  • 2 Honorable Mentions
  • Reader’s Choice $30


  • Photos must be 500 pixels by…well, not quite infinity, but any heigth reasonable enough for blog viewing (500 pixels is the width off most of the pixtures on The Dassler Effect and any pictures submitted which are larger will be reduced to this size).
  • Photos may only have undergone post-processing in the following areas: brightness, contrast, noise reduction, sharpness, saturation, color balance, curves, levels adjustments, dust spotting ,and cropping.
  • Email your photo as an attachment with your name, your picture title, your location (city and country), and your blog address if desired.
  • If a recognizable person appears in your photo, you must have them fill out this modeling contract and mail it in. Email for snail mail address.
  • One photo per contestant please.
  • Non-digital photos will be accepted if mailed in time to be scanned. Email for snail mail address.
  • The Dassler Effect retains the right to not accept any submission. I do not forsee a problem here, by the way. However, I simply need to give myself some wiggle room.

Finally. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. We’ve got lot’s of digital wall space!
Further Opportunities
Keep checking this space for for updates of how many pictures have been submitted and for possible opportunites for photography workshops for contest participants conducted by Ed Crim!
Well, the entries are finally up and the judges will soon begin their work. The winners will be announced here on Friday, May 15th. In the meantime, you can help decide the Reader’s Choice winner. Please go to this link and vote for your favorite . Take your time. The voting will be open until midnight on May 14th. Please, however, respect the rules of this award and only vote once.
If you prefer, you can view the entries in a slideshow on Flickr here. If you want to activate the slide show, click on the link near the top right.

If you are a contestant and do not see your entry up here, contact me immediately!
Well, without further ado, enjoy!

34 thoughts on “Evoking Spring Photo Contest, Spring 2009

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  7. Hey is there anywhere we can see the other enteries to size up the competition and know how much our bribe should be$$$$.


  8. Ah, alas, brother, the only way to see the entries is on April 30th, right here, after the contest is closed. Oh, the anticipation! And you see why I can’t be a judge? Nepotism!


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  12. LOVE THEM ALL! …but I will only vote once. And not today; I’m needing sometime. Thanks very much to Neil and to all the entrants for your service to the web community in this way!


  13. So many great photos to choose from… but 12 and 19 are my favorites. It will be tough for me to decide which gets my official vote!


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  16. Great entries! Got some real stunning images submitted.

    Will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next contest : )


  17. Nice pics, peeps! I didn’t want to weigh in until after it was all said and done, then I could have the last word, and as you know, he who has the last word, lasts laughing or something along those lines. You get the point.

    Having dispensed with formalities (if the above can so be named), I have to say that I like “persistence” the best, then “Balloons in the Snow.” “Do this in remembrance” is admirable in its own right, but I gather it didn’t evoke too much spring for the judges, eh?

    A good show. I appreciate all of the photos, even the punny one “here’s lookin’ at you, kid.” Keep up the good works, all you Dasslers and all you et al.’s.

    David “It’s never too late to screw it up big time.” Kraus


  18. Tons of fun! I enjoyed the variety of photos with so much talent. “Bounce” was my favorite, followed by “exuberance” & “weed eater”, and “reflections of green” was also beautiful. Somehow I knew “exuberance” was done by a Das, though I wondered if it might have been Adi. My favorite title was “waiting for my fashion designer”, God never disappoints. AWESOME job! Neil & all involved!!!


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  20. the **Bounce tulips was my favorite, but I thought Jen Sodergren’s dog was adorable & Courtney’s chick was so sweet.

    The chive was just weird. It didn’t look like anything really.
    sorry. No content there.

    I did agree that the *Best Title was “Waiting for my fashion designer.” really great title, but no spring in the tree.

    Had it been a winter photo contest, I would have chosen the *Balloons in the snow. It was like something that was Not staged, but caught in the moment, like walking up to something VERY Unexpected. I’ve NEVER seen a photo like it before. Loved it.


  21. Fourth place is a very honorable position and I am thankful for it. Hadn’t really expected it. I had counted on the first two slots being filled by the pictures that were there but somehow when you’re there getting beaten out for third by a dandelion-loving Jack Russel Terrier ? bites! (Does anyone know an electronic character designation for smile because there really should be one). My favorite title was “Weed Eater” and it is a great shot. I can’t tell you how impressed I am by my niece Grace’s picture. I just love all the subtle browns under the water and the reflection on the surface. Thanks bro for a great contest.


  22. woah. great work, all.

    i never voted, shame on me! i just couldn’t bring myself to choose. even now, running down the list, i chose about half of them. seriously.

    but i do have to give a shout-out to my four favorite “not mentioneds” (all current saint louisians, btw): rob m., anna h., carrie j., and aaron j. thanks for your swell photos!

    (and thanks for hosting, neil. thanks, too, for posting everybody’s blog address… i’m at least equally excited about that as i am to know who won!)


  23. Anna Eisenb…. How did u get so close to that squirrel?
    Cathy R… Was this really taken in France. I love it… Do u have a website?
    Susanna J… How long did you have to sit there with your camera & WAIT on that little bird???
    Katy, your photo has a lot of meaning, i think. I really like it 🙂

    Jenny Fox Shain


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