“Unconditional Love” by Ashleigh B.

unconditional love small

Ashleigh B., South Carolina


Tim Garrett

All these babies are CUUUTE. Nice use of side-lighting. There is definitely room for empty space in a photo, but I think you have to use it very intentionally. Not sure if the photo is aided by the upper-right quadrant being empty. This is another one that I would be curious to see cropped tighter or differently. You frame the subject in the viewfinder each time you take a photo, but don’t be afraid to change your mind when you are looking at the photo. Just because an object appears in your viewfinder doesn’t mean you have to keep it in the final shot.

Edward Crim

Simple, yet satisfying.

Barry Sherbeck

Great expressions and smiles. Nice soft light from the side. Good focus and depth of field. Would like just a little more light in the child’s eyes. Composition/crop could perhaps be a smidge to the right and lower.

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