Summer’s Lease Hath All to Short a Date III

The summer’s lease series was not created intentionally. This could be the last one or there could be more. This installment includes some photographs upon which I have used Matt’s Lomo Preset. Also, I am trying to coin a new word for such digital prints made to look like lomo prints:


How does that grab you?

cicada wing 3

cicada wing anddictionary

cicada wing

cicada wing 4

cicada wing 2 small

Spoked! A Photo in a Juried Exhibition


Well, I have the distinct pleasure of having a photograph of mine being accepted for a juried exhibit for the first time, at the Spoked! exhibit at the Soulard Art Market.

I will be at the opening on Friday, September 4th from 7-10pm, with free admission and refreshments, “featuring Schlafly beer” (I am not certain if these are free, but implication is that they will be). So, come on out if you like. There is another opening the next night and then the exhibit will stay up until October 2nd.

Here is a description of the the exhibit from its web site:

“Working in conjunction with the Tour of Missouri, which is a world-class cycling event, we are proud to announce our exhibition “Spoked”. We sought out bicycle themed artworks from some of the area’s most talented and respected artists for inclusion in our show. Our gallery is on the race route and we have special hours and events planned that are sure to draw a crowd. The eyes of the world will be looking our way and we’re gearing up for the liveliest show this town has seen. Get stoked about Spoked!”

I am stoked, indeed!

I don’t really feel it would be kosher to post a copy of my photo in a public forum ahead of the show, but it is titled “Going Green,” and is of a classic French Motobecane bicycle which has been left unridden a touch to long on a front porch and, consequently, has a supple vine growing around one of its spokes and up to the handlebars. If you really want to see it, shoot me an email.

Matt’s Lomo Effect

We live in amazing times. The difference between the pictures below is the result of applying only one effect which I downloaded from the Internet which was created for my Lightroom photoediting program. In fact, I too could come up with a series of adjustments and then export them as a “preset” and put it on the Internet and share it with other folks.

The effect that Matt has created here, very successfully I should add, is a special one, though. Matt has intimitated some of the effects one may get from using a Lomo camera. These cheap cameras, made in the former Soviet Union, were somewhat unreliable, but also could produce images with high contrast, intense color saturation, cool vignetting and accidental blurring from time to time. My friend, Jeremy Huggins, created some beautiful images with his Lomo. The only one I can find online currently, though, is his entry into my last photo contest (#7 here).

I am not sure how much I will use this effect, and I will likely tinker with it when I do, but I find lomo-style images very appealing.

meshuggah lamp

meshuggah lamp lomo