“A Girl’s Best Friend” by Dawn Das

a girls best friend small

Dawn Das, San Antonio, Texas


Tim Garrett

Very clever response to the assignment. Is this a confession? (as well as a confection?) I think I would have liked this photo more if it were tighter – closer, less wrappers, no bag. I think the hershey’s kiss in naked form (just the chocolate), and certainly the tin-wrapped morsel with its iconic tissue flag is SOOOO recognizable, that you could have gotten away with less descriptive information and had as much (probably more) impact. As it stands, it feels like a great idea that needed some editing (paring down) at the end. Also, the more I stare at the photo, I find myself wondering about the background – is that a rock or the ground or something else? Not sure if that was intentional or not, but I might have chosen a different bg. (either a clean bg that frames the chocolate better, or at least one that contrasts more with the actual subject of the photo: chocolate)

Edward Crim

FUNNY! Creative but technically not much

Barry Sherbeck

Interesting and unique image, it made me study this because the packaging, wrappers, and underlying background blend together. You might experiment further with this idea, and try composing (and working with focus) to give the photo a single point of interest, with the rest of the image for context. This is a difficult exposure, with the darks of the chocolate and the highly reflective foil. Important to choose what your main subject is, and design the photograph to show that.

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