Mmm, Mmm Healthy

krispy kreme.jpg
Feel the warmth of the earthtones. Look at the amber glow of the heads of wheat, their rough husks housing plump, tough kernels, ready to be ground into hearty flour. Ah, the wholesomeness!
Here is an amusing blog entry mocking the recent move by Krispy Kreme to offer whole wheat doughnuts. Favorite quote: “You don’t want to eat whole-wheat doughnuts because amber waves of grain are not to be mixed in with the pure, fluffy happiness that you are aiming for when you eat a damn doughnut.”
In related news, one day I will actually do my “7 Days with a Starbucks Frappuccino” photo essay, but until then here is a quick peak into what’s in your “coffee drinks.” Make sure to check out all four pages. The dubious winner for calories and fat grams? White Hot Chocolate with whipped cream:
16 ounces
580 calories
28 fat grams
95 mg cholesterol
310 mg sodium
Oh, and Krispy Kremes nutritional info. Here you go.

Lucy is on Her Way!

Well, thank you, all of you who did, for the prayers for the recovery of my camera. Alas, I think she is gone for good. I am not sure of the purpose in things like this, in losing a camera due to sheer stupidity, other than learning to be more careful. However, I did take the time away from access to a fine camera to take stock a little about why I take pictures, to put into proper perspective the rearranging of pixels. I do not think my perspective was too much out of whack, but it was good to be reminded that all good gifts are on loan to us and that my significance comes from quite another Source than catching images, however lovely or true they may be.
Thank you also, friends, who have offered me loans of your cameras. That was very sweet. And special thanks to the friend who anonymously replaced one of the 5 or so CD’s that were also tucked into my camera bag.
So, I briefly considered getting an upgrade, but the price was still hard to beat on my previous camera. And, so, in a week or so Gomer’s sister, Lucy, will be here in all her glory. And, then, the romance will begin again.

Twas Grace That Taught My Heart to Fear

amazing grace.JPG
I would encourage you all to catch Amazing Grace this weekend and help give it a good opening box office. And it is getting pretty good reviews. Joe Williams from the post did not like it because it did not focus on the perspective of slaves much at all. This may be a fair criticism, and perhaps a better, fuller movie could have been made, but Wilberforce is still well worth celebrating. Here is Joe’s review and St. Louis movie times and locations. Here is a more positive review. And here is the trailer.

An Intriguing Post

In this blogosphere suffused with personal opinion and emotion, it is rare to find posts that find the right balance in personal disclosure and combine it with perceptive insight or questioning, particularly in the area of relationships. My friend Laura’s post of last summer (which was her second blog post period) accomplished this.
The picture above is Marc Chagall’s interpretation of the verse that my friend Michaela uses to introduce her blog post which I find also meets the criteria I described in the first paragraph, and which I have asked her permission to link to from here.
Any thoughts on Michaela’s take? You can post comments either here or there. And let me just recommend that you take deep breaths and read entire paragraphs before you come to conclusions.

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Lent Comes a Little Early

The picture above is the last artsy photo I took with my camera. In fact, I took only two more pictures, period, after this one (of a colleague getting some Valentine’s Day flowers). Alas, the camera I often described as promiscuous has gone like Gomer. Hosea-like I have made some efforts for her recovery, but it is not looking promising.
At the beginning of a road trip on Thursday, whilst picking up a friend, I hopped out of the passenger seat of a two door car and placed my camera bag and a bag of muffins on top of the car. Rather too eagerly and quickly I hopped in the back seat, yes, forgetting to take what I had recently deposited on the roof. At our next stop to meet more friends, I asked “Hey, where are the muffins?” followed in short order by “Hey, where’s my camera bag?” After several fruitless trips of retracing our route, we finally saw some birds rather eagerly pecking at a plastic bag, flattened on the road. Mmm, muffins. Sadly, the black camera bag was nowhere to be found. A passerby had said that they had seen it, however, so we scribbled some notes (offering a reward even) and headed off for our trip about an hour and a half late.
I am praying still for a miracle (and you can rejoice with me when it happens), but if it does not and even if it does, I think I will go ahead and consider this as a part of Lent. I still have not figured out if I am going to do anything else in that regard or even what I think of Lent itself, but we shall see.
Do you all have any thoughts on Lent? Are there any things you are considering giving up (like the cigarettes above pressed into the cold, purifying snow), things which you are willing to share?
Oh, yeah, and the road trip? More on that later. Our time at our destination was great, but on a road trip with friends with silly and challenging things to talk about, road trip food, fun with snow and cell phones, and music for the interludes, well, the journey is of a piece with the destination.