“Autumn, Then Winter” Haiku Contest 2009

The results are in for the haiku contest and listed on the bottom of this page. Congratulations to all the winners! However, it might be nice to first get acquainted with our very fine judges and then see who wrote which haiku. Of course, you are very welcome to skip to the chase! Also, please do consider commenting if you particularly liked a haiku or two or would like to thank the judges.

The Judges

Renee Badenoch
Renee Badenoch is chic twenty-something who is majoring in Elementary Education and How To Avoid Becoming a Cynic and Misanthrope in a Post-Modern World. She likes: tragedies, children, traditionally mailed letters, and her cat, mostly. She dislikes: mushrooms, making beds, texting, and the word “texting”. Follow her daring escapades at www.xanga.com/rehoba

Bob is a social work student and resident of Saint Louis for one year. His passions include community development, urban life, great food and, of course, writing. He’s tickled pink to be a judge in this year’s competition and hopes shared poetry will become a habit for each of the participants.

Haines Eason
Haines Eason’s poems have appeared in numerous national journals including New England Review, Yale Review, American Letters & Commentary, and elsewhere. His chapbook, A History of Waves, was selected by Mark Doty for a PSA Chapbook Fellowship and will appear in the spring. He attends the MFA Creative Writing Program at Washington University in St. Louis.

Anne M. Doe Overstreet

My work has appeared in a variety of journals, including DMQ Review, Relief, Talking River Review, Cranky, and MHP: the Matthews House Project. I am a Soapstone Resident, a Pushcart Nominee, and have participated in Seattle City Council’s WordsWorth program. I read locally and have taught workshops on building a long-term writing practice, journaling to create poems, and the power of repetition. I keep the cats in cat food by working as a freelance editor and private gardener.

Brady Shuman

A native of Mississippi, S. Brady Shuman has lived in the St. Louis area for eight years. She is currently a librarian at Covenant Theological Seminary, where she also directs the Writing Center and encourages creative writers.

haiku image 2


The fall crisp fresh air
brings many fun things to do
crumpling fall leaves

The joys of winter
can be found inside and out
snow play, hot cocoa

Rebecca Brady
Yorkville, Illinois

haiku border 2


September spangles
Bright blue skies, warm wind shifts south
Monarch butterflies

Light snow in white sky
Five crows dancing on the wind
Grace tumbles upward

Damaris A. Schmitt
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


My Favorite Season
Mist, like lace, adorns
Hills clothed in colors of warmth
Completion and joy.

Trees in Winter
The creak of bare limbs
Disguises laughter of trees
Secretly alive.

Sally B.
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Embers die above
Shedding leaf shadow below
Bare trees await snow

Among snowflakes, birds
Ornament cold, stark limbs as
Feathered winter leaves

Charlie H.
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Sun shines through new holes
The green roof now a brown floor
A walk in the park

A cold gift of sun
Trees bare glistening fingers
A walk in the park

Erin Nolan
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


:: hayride
crisp air stings my face
as we bounce along the path
pumpkins all around

:: snow day
blanketing the ground
soft crystals accumulate
begging me to play

Adam Houston
St. Louis, MO

haiku border 2


Since autumn can fall
But fall can never autumn,
Fall’s th’autumnal verb.

In case of winter:
Warm cocoa, spice, stir and sip
Summer in a mug.

Adam F. Allred
St. Louis, MO

haiku border 2


Child on the playground
where the dull knife rusts, lying
only half-buried;

severed evergreen
lives in the homeless shelter —
miracles to spare.

Jeremy Huggins
St. Louis, MO

haiku border 2


burning with color
dyed by God, leaves are dying
cold flames light the sky

the cold world does fight:
soft white and hard gray against
the warm glow of home

George Faithful
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


October in Uganda:
Storm whips green trees – its
quick chill reminds me of gold
leaves on clear blue sky.

Winter in Norway:
Fine frost flowers on
your window gather glowing
rosy morning rays.

Alison Wiltbank
Kampala, Uganda

haiku border 2


Cider spice warms hand,
Throat and heart, huddled on hay,
‘Neath stark, starry skies.

Road salt, dirty white;
Tires on frozen pavement etch
A path- come again.

Heidi H.
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Autumn leaves wafting
Without a care in the world
Golden rain droplets

Rain, sleet, hail and snow;
Claps of thunder, lightening bolts…
Winter in my heart.

Tanja Cilia

haiku border 2


Falling leaves, turkeys
Apple orchard pumpkin patch.
The sights of Autumn

Frosty the Snowman
Seems harmless, but really he’s

Carissa B.
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


leaves, loud, leitmotif
hark, the herald colors sing!
tones resound, golden

hymn’s and autumn’s “N”
song and season end as one
winter soughs, amen

Adam F. Allred
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Leaves and darkness fall.
Temperatures and rain fall.
A dying change: Fall!

Hemming us in: snow!
Now blowing us to and fro.
Where, when will it go?

George Faithful
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Empty nest, bald tree,
thrift store answering machine–
always one missing.

Lone red leaf, lying,
rejects the earth’s equation:
buried equals dead.

Jeremy Huggins
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


green, the leaves whisper
when yellow and red, they laugh
brown, end of life sigh

a cold snap comes through
branches sag, powder piled high
cold sun, I’m blinded

Melissa Horton
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Foggy Autumn day
Stirs emotions at the core
Tears fall from branches

Each leaf holds its freight
Snowflakes enmeshed, intertwined
Adding fearsome weight

Damaris A. Schmitt
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Gilded summer leaves
shimmering gold and scarlet…
Autumn’s Midas touch

Sparkling white diamonds
adorn ebony branches…
Winter’s Regal Robes

Linda Crank
Cincinnati, Ohio

haiku border 2


Chilled trees caught summer
and gave it back to the wind
where north and south met.

Now the last glimmer
of autumn still warms my mind.
The New Year can wait.

Kilby Beisner
Prescott, Arizona


haiku border 2


russet robin, gone –
a sweeping change blusters in
to redden the ground

silvery snowbanks
blanket dormant life below –
future’s past, present

Caroline Jones
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


autumn fashion hit
outrageous hues by Jack Frost
gold gilds persimmon

even the word lacks warmth
winter Ebenezer Scrooge
Humbug cold comfort

Phyllis Jean Green
Chapel Hill, North Carolina


haiku border 2


leaves absorb glory
but with this comes the dimness
of stretched out shadows

my blanket is pulled
and tucked for a season of
hushed hibernation

Abigail Barr
Portsmouth, Virginia

haiku border 2


Crisp, chilly wind blows
Gold, crimson, orange leaves blanket
The earth grows weary

The ground patiently
Marks time under a white powder
Waiting for renewal

Jenny Totten
Charleston, West Virginia

haiku border 2


homemade crusty bread
complements vegetable soup
pleasant autumn fare

succulent beef stew
slowly cooked to perfection
warms the wintry air

Rebecca Brady
Yorkville, Illinois

haiku border 2


not yet come to terms,
one forlorn leaf, trembling, clings –
but all are fallen

lonely frosted leaf,
brittle, weighed down, and weary,
falls – freedom at last

Caroline Jones
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Luminescent fire,
Rain towards divested earth.
Leave the trees vacant.

Drift, unrelenting
winds carry through barren skies.
Flake, one of millions.

Will St. Pierre
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


We just had the talk
Under a harvest moonrise
Questions still looming

Window pane is cold
Electric blanket feels good
Winter brings more sleep

Nathan Gemayel
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Glowing red maple
Aflame with brilliant beauty
Please lend me a leaf

Wake up with a burst
The snow fell without a sound
Grab your sled and go

Laura Wachsmuth
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


Cold rain taps on glass
Huddled over chips and pints
The pub in autumn

Long table upstairs
Strewn with scarves, drinks, dimly lit
The pub in winter

Heidi H.
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


boughs glow with color,
their saturated hues in
relief against gray

the last leaf struggles
vainly against bitter wind,
falling in defeat

Adam Houston
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


The earth bears fruit as
the shrinking sun slides south and
our hearts swell with thanks

Sol suspends his slide
and gives the earth a chance to
catch its frosty breath

Eddie Jones
St. Louis, Missouri

haiku border 2


The day has arrived
Lone petal deserts its bud
Dancing in the wind

single floating flake
glides smoothly just like others
one drop in the storm

Colin Mollenkof
haiku image 3

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