My Best Friend Photo Contest: Original Contest Page

Well, at long last, this photo contest is up. There are not quite as many entries this time, but perhaps that is because the subject matter may have been more challenging. Still, we have a very healthy crop of fine entries, which are off to the judges for them to determine which photographers get a first prize of $100 and second prize of $50! Wow!

Many thanks to Ed Crim of Edward Crim Photography and Forest Park 365 for co-sponsoring this contest and providing the 1st Prize money.

And you, the reader, also get to get in on the judging, with the My Best Friend Photo Contest Reader’s Choice Award of $30. Please vote only once, do not engage in any politicking for any picture, and get your votes in by the 24th of September.

All of the results for the contest will be out on the 25th, at which time you will also be able to read the judges comments for each picture, which we hope to be a sort of mini-lesson in photography.

Best of luck to the photographers. Judges (we have 4 high quality ones), we await your call. Oh, and, contrary to the the rules listed below the pictures, these pictures are not listed in the order received but rather in alphabetical oder by title.

Finally, if you submitted an entry and do not see it here, please let me know ASAP and I will rectify the situation.

best defense small

brothers small

camouflage small

face to faith small

a fathers joy small

a girls best friend small

the glory of friendship small

hair is for playing with small

jammin small

kid loves small

like father like small

mans best friend small

morning friend small

my japanese girlfriend small

my other half small

new best friends small

pirate face small

presque isle small

sharing small

snow boy small

the thing with girls and horses small

timid at the fountain small

unconditional love small

we had more fun than a barrel of monkeys small

we three small

wet small

with grandpa smurf small

readers choice

This past Spring, Forest Park 365, Edward Crim Photography, and The Dassler Effect held a very successful photo contest on the theme of “Evoking Spring.”

As successful as that contest was, we are going to try some different things this time around in an effort to experiment to see what works well. So, in addition to the change in theme there are also some significant format changes.

We crafted the theme of this contest specifically so we could together explore a different area of photography: photographing people. Now, a contestant is not absolutely bound to photograph a person, per se, or even someone who is specifically one’s best friend, but “My Best Friend” is the theme off of which the judges will be working, so let your creativity jump off of that springboard.

Also, Edward Crim, the principle sponsor of this particular contest, is very interested in having these contests be a learning experience for all involved, so contestants must agree to have judges’ constructive comments appended to their photo(s) when the results are posted on the blog. Also, hopefully we can build in some greater interactivity and discussion with blog readers as well concerning the merits, strengths, and, yes, perhaps even weaknesses of individual photos.

Yikes! Kind of scary! It should be great, though. Here is the scoop:

Theme: My Best Friend

Submission Deadline: Labor Day, September 7th, 2009. All photos will be posted on The Dassler Effect in the order submitted, initially without the names of the photographers.

Number of Possible Submissions and Entry Fee: Two, and this contest is free (what a deal!)

Judges: Judging will be done by an as-yet-to-be-determined panel of 4 or 5 judges who work as photo or design professionals. Edward Crim, as the person offering the first prize in this contest, will serve as the head judge, with a double-weighted score. Judges will assign each photo a score between 1 and 10. The photos accumulating the 4 highest point totals, respectively, will win. The Reader’s Choice award this time will be conducted with a no solicitation policy.

Date of Announcement of Winners: TBA. All photos will be posted on The Dassler Effect and labelled with photographer’s information and judges comments at the conclusion of the contest.


  • The Edward Crim Photography and Forest Park 365 1st Place Award: $100
  • The Dassler Effect 2nd Place Award: $50
  • 2 Honorable Mentions
  • The Dassler Effect Reader’s Choice Award: $30


  • Photos must be .jpegs but can be of any size. Photos will be displayed with a maximum width of 500 pixels, but will be judged using the file in which they are submitted.
  • Photos may only have undergone post-processing in the following areas: brightness, contrast, noise reduction, sharpness, saturation, color balance, curves, levels adjustments, dust spotting ,and cropping.
  • Email your photo(s) to Neil as an attachment with your name, your photo title(s), your location (city and country), and your blog address, if desired.
  • In order to avoid the need for modeling contracts, individuals pictured in photos must have given verbal assent to the photographers to have their picture displayed in the contest. The photographer assumes any and all liability from any disputes or legal action resulting from ignorance or breach of this policy.
  • Contestants may submit up to two photos.
  • Photos must have been taken within the last year.
  • Contestants must agree to have any judges comments appear along with their photo(s) at the conclusion of the contest. We are aiming for this to be a learning experience wherein we all learn more about taking good photos.
  • Non-digital photos will be accepted if mailed in time to be scanned. Email Neil for snail mail address.
  • Edward Crim and Neil E. Das, the contest sponsors, retain the right to reject any submission. We do not forsee major problems here, but if we feel that a photo portrays a subject in a degrading or demeaning manner or is outside the decency standards of Edward Crim Photography, Forest Park 365, or The Dassler Effect we reserve the right to reject any entry.

Alright, there you go! Now go express the tremendous freedom and creativity that can occur within the space of parameters and limits and get your photos in!!

Comment. Question. Reply.

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