“Kid Loves” by Amanda Salmond

kid loves small

Amanda Salmond, St. Louis, Missouri, http://www.asalmond.blogspot.com


Tim Garrett

Great title. I like this idea a lot, but the photo feels like it could use some spunk. 90% of the top half of the photo is the brown sandy ground covering. The framing seems caught in the middle of something great – you could come in and frame the interaction really tight (intimacy) or pull way out and frame the subjects in the corner of a sea of brown (accentuating togetherness amidst a lonely world). Also, beware the grownup-shoots-something-smaller-than-them problem. If you put camera to your face and point to small subject that is in your general vicinity you are always going to get the 45degree top-down shot. Try getting down on your belly and shooting up (beware kid droppings – of both kinds). Then you have all this variety of background to play with. What if there are a bunch of lonely goats in the bg wandering around – your subjects then differentiate themselves by way of their relationship (accentuating friendship). Or what about a bright blue sky framing the act – how would that affect the photo? (you get the idea)

Edward Crim

I like this photo.

Barry Sherbeck

Good capture of a childhood moment. Background is a nice and undistracting texture. I love the irrelevant detail that no milk is coming out of the bottle at this angle 🙂 – it’s all about the intentions of this interaction.

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