Haiku Uncycled Redux – The Instagram Treatment – Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

If you have been a reader of this blog for a while, you may recognize these haiku, as I have tried to vision and revision (repackage?) them several times. I began with the first one and was trying to relate the Autumn or Fall with a preparation for burial — yes, I was thinking of the death and burial of Jesus Christ, if you have a Christian inclination, but I think they can work more broadly, too. The Winter haiku relates to the silence of death. Then for the Spring and Summer haiku a new theme began to emerge, not to thwart the cycle’s progression toward resurrection and eternal bliss, but to enrich those themes by drawing on elements from the Song of Solomon. These Instagrammy images notwithstanding, do think the haiku work?


haiku uncycled fall

haiku uncycled winter

haiku uncycled spring

haiku uncycled summer


“as if each snowflake” – Haiku on a city snow

as if each snowflake
caught a sound and soothed it down;
the city swaddled
I imagine the folk on the East coast are well tired of the thick swaddling their cities have received and are ready for the raucous cries of Spring. Having only recently received our first significant snow, though, I wanted to write something about how snow stills and pacifies a city, at least temporarily so.