Go Get ‘Em, Tiger – Tiger Lily and Sky – St. Louis Summer

Flowers From a Summer Evening’s Walk, for a Neglected Blog – West End Neighborhood – St. Louis

I have not been keeping up here as well as I ought, and I am afraid I do not have a good excuse. I even have the summer off (lucky me) but have found my drive to shoot wanting at times, perhaps even more my drive to process the images is even more wanting. I should note that my computer is in a room I choose not to cool, and I do suppose I could change that. In addition, I have also committed to ride 100 miles a week on my bike this summer in order to lose a chunk of weight, and, well, that does take up a goodly amount of time.

This past Saturday whilst riding through a very sketchy alley with friends I saw these amazing purple/blue flowers (photo 2) and really wanted to come back and shoot them. So, I decided to get out on foot that evening and explore my new neighborhood a bit. In truth, walking that alley alone with a camera was not necessarily the safest of things, but I decided to do a quick pass. It is hard to figure out such things in neighborhoods which are so beautiful and often so serene, but which really do have some dangers lurking in them for those who do not pay attention. I am learning.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy this rare post 🙂 and the images of flowers I was able to capture in an hour or so’s walk within a mile of my home. Some are cultivated flowers and some weeds, which are only deemed so by our definition. Alas, the purple flowers had already called it a day, but still were lovely. Finally, thank you for visiting or sticking with the Dassler Effect. It is much appreciated.